What All of This is About

Depth Education was created to make music education more focused on the learning part, rather than the teaching part.

Although all learning will be guided by a specialist, this project is about fostering the ability to learn and learning to acquire new skills by yourself.  

The main idea behind Depth Education is that learning is a consequence of doing very specific, achievable, but progressively harder tasks.
Wherever you are – as long you have access to the internet, an instrument, and a recording device (phone) you will be able to learn online with us.

Why You Don’t Need Music Lessons


You don’t need to interact with a teacher for 60 minutes, you need one task that you can focus on mastering in your own time. 


You most probably do not need individual in person lessons until you can fluently play intermediate pieces.  


Depth Education is for people who take responsibility for their own learning. You will learn here, not be dragged along. 


You probably do need individual in person lessons if you really, really want to learn music and are under 10 years old, and/or have special needs. 

What You Can Learn

You can learn to play guitar, piano, or learn to write and create music. Theoretically you can do everything at once, but we would suggest you try one skill at a time. Or two.


You will be able to learn how to write, analyse, and understand music in any style you want – from songs to orchestral music. 


Learn to play any type of guitar – classical, acoustic, electronic, and any style – classical, jazz, rock, blues. Hopefully not Nickelback.


Learn to play the piano from beginner to advanced levels, also in any style – classical, jazz, popular, etc.


If you want to learn popular and academic drums and percussion we have a specialist tutor that can help you learn just that.

Tell us about yourself. No strings attached.

Products (priced per month)

Here you can choose between the four options we offer. The ‘Basic’ programme offers assignments 1 time per week, ‘Standard’ – 2 times per week, ‘Optimal’ – 3 times per week, and ‘Fast Paced’ offers assignments 5 days per week.

Click on each individual product to find out more.

How You Will Learn

Detailed Feedback From Your Tutor

Receive timely and detailed feedback on every piece of work you submit. This also gives you an opportunity to come back and track your progress at any time.

Asynchronous Learning

No need to schedule every session, and no need to worry about your the speed and reliability of your internet connection. Submit your work by a deadline, but whenever you have the time do so.

Build a Relationship with Your Tutor

This is not one of those impersonal courses – every step of the way you can talk and be helped by your tutor.

Choose the Direction You Want

Do you want to learn to play a specific genre? Want to be able to play music for your friends and family? Prepare for a competition? Either way, your tutor will be able to help you with any direction you choose.

Our Team

Depth Education was started by Dimitri, who also teaches with Depth Education and outside. We are hiring highly qualified specialist tutors that can offer the best learning experience.

Dimitri Rastoropov

Director & Tutor

Dimitri is a composer, artist, and music educator with over a decade of experience in teaching music. Dimitri teaches guitar, piano, music composition and theory. He studied Music Composition in the St Petersburg Conservatory in Russia, and Contemporary Arts in Lancaster University in the UK.

Jachin Pousson


Jachin is a composer, musician and sound designer who teaches drums, music composition and theory. He studied composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and at Jāzep Vītols Latvian Music Academy in Riga, where he is currently a doctoral candidate in systematic musicology.


If there are any other questions you have, feel free to ask them right below.